Teqtum GmbH opened its own laboratory to study the materials for stretch ceilings in 2017.

The results of studies of the PVC film types existing at that time were simply shocking for the company. Even the best of them made people breathe not quite healthy substances, and all of them actively burned, forming burning drops and emitting the smoke consisting of the most poisonous part of the periodic table.

Here are some very unpleasant substances that are contained in the films, not even the cheapest ones:

Formaldehyde. It is released from low-quality polymeric materials. It causes mucous membranes and skin irritation. It is a cause of allergies, respiratory diseases, leukemia, cardiovascular disease, malignant tumors and mutational changes in the human body.

Phenol. It damages heart, liver, kidneys and nervous system, causes cancer, infertility and respiratory diseases.

Cadmium. It settles in kidneys, liver and other organs, contributes to hypertension, kidney stones and cancer.

Heavy metal. They poison the body, affect the nervous system. They cause malaise, insomnia, headaches, become the cause of chronic diseases, diseases of internal organs and malignant tumors.

In case of fire, the danger is multiplied by ten!

If the release of harmful substances in the “normal mode” damages health gradually, in case of fire everything will happen in just a few seconds.
The combustibility and smoke generation level forced us to think — how to keep on living with that?

The answer to this question was obvious for Teqtum GmbH shareholders and employees – the composition of mixtures and films should urgently be changed and a new truly safe product should be created. For this purpose, the laboratory was additionally equipped with the best equipment and the best European chemists and technologists were invited.
There are materials with good environmental and fire safety properties in West European markets, but they are very expensive. The Teqtum GmbH company has adopted the famous motto of the Volvo developers. Creating the safest car in the world, they argued that everyone, regardless of their financial condition, has the right to preserve health and life, and even inexpensive cars should contribute to this. Therefore, an international team of scientists was tasked to preserve the quality of the world’s best films, and fit them into the price acceptable for the consumer.

The task was successfully solved in 2018. The new product, environmentally and fire safe new generation film was called TEQTUM EURO!
It was a result that they could really be proud of. Excellent non-translucent material, easy to install and not “shiny” after heating, good in matte white and glossy pink performance. Three textures: matte, satin and glossy, 8 colors are the basic line, for the start of sales. At the same time, TEQTUM EURO really doesn`t emit ant harmful substances and is truly fireproof!

Innovative film for stretch ceilings TEQTUM EURO is presented in the EU markets, primarily in Germany, France, Poland, Lithuania and Estonia.

Each country and region in the global international production system has its own production and industry specialization. This gives the manufacturer the opportunity to choose countries where the necessary industries and types of production for each stage of the production chain are developed in the best way.

TEQTUM EURO film is manufactured at one of the largest and most honored calendered productions in the world. Customers and partners of this plant are the world’s leading manufacturers. For example, the Bridgestone company, which is recognized by world car manufacturers as a leading company for the production of Run-flat tires since 2001. BMW and LEXUS have adopted them as the original package for their most prestigious sports models. And since 2004, Bridgestone is the main supplier of tires for the Daimler Chrysler car line. No less known and even more deserved customer of the our plant is Michelin.